St. Thomas Episcopal Church
Oriental, NC
The Rev. Jeremiah Day, Rector



A new St. Thomas website,
is currently under construction.  The Parish Calendar on that site displays current Parish activities and is linked to the office calendar.  Photos are posted on Facebook.

For other information about Parish activities, see the latest issue of the Moorings listed below.

Regular Services

Fall, Winter, and Spring Schedule
8:00 am Holy Communion
9:15 am Sunday School (September-May)
10:30 am Holy Communion
(Followed by refreshments in the Parish Hall)

12 noon Healing Service
7 pm Praise, Prayer & Bible Study

Summer Schedule
8:am, 9:30am Holy Communion
6:15 Pot Luck, 7:00 Praise and Prayer

The Moorings
(As each month's issue becomes available, it replaces the prior year's issue.  All are in PDF format)



For a current sevents,  see the Parish Calendar

Regular Monthly Meetings
1st Monday, 12 noon: Worship
2nd Tuesday, 10:30am: Evangelism
2nd Tuesday, 7:00pm: Vestry
2nd Wednesday, 10:00am: Outreach
2nd Thursday, 10:00am: Christian Education
3rd Saturday, 8:00am: Men's Breakfast
3rd Wednesday, 10:00am: Pastoral Care



Senior Warden: Dick AhKao '15
Junior Warden: Ed Bryant '16
Clerk of the Vestry: Wendy Seward '16
Treasurer: Wally Umbach
Jackie Schmidt '14
Ray Orndorff '15
Jean White '15
Bob Whitfield '15
Marcia Webster '16
Janice Cox '17
Carolyn Schoch '17 

 St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Oriental, NC

402 Freemason St., P.O. Box 461, Oriental, NC, 28571-0461